About Giant Leap Technologies 

Giant Leap develops lasting total solutions for the management,control and monitoring of machines, also known as Machine to Machine Solutions (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our extensive knowledge and experience in consulting, development, implementation and operation of various applications ensures that your IoT project will be successful.

Giant Leap is the company to design, calculate and implement your specific solution.

We are seen as a reliable partner by various companies and organizations for whom we have delivered tailor made solutions.

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Clients Cases 


Advice and Accompagnement

Giant Leap offers advice on identifying, calculating, preparing, implementing and organizing M2M applications. Particularly in the area of ​​Remote Management applications, our extensive experience allows us to effectively analyse the technical, organisational and commercial opportunities and threats for businesses.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Giant Leap develops total solutions for the management, control and monitoring of machinery. We are experienced in advising on the set up, system development, implementation and the management and monitoring. Giant Leap’s M2M platform which allows access to your machinery is called SARA, System Analysis for Applied Remote. This system provides a robust solution to remotely manage, monitor and control your equipment.

GSM Access Control

Telekey: your phone is key Telekey is access via a mobile phone with your caller ID used as a "key". This unique way of access is via a secure web environment. You decide who, when and where to access. Telekey stores everything and presents in clear reports. At any location where a mobile phone can receive calls the Telekey system can be applied. For example: Car parks or sites that utilizes barriers, automatic gates or retractable poles. Supplier Inputs, home care situations or service areas where the spaces are in use by different vendors, engineers or suppliers.

Automated Meter Reading

Giant Leap provides key technology allowing energy measurements from individual households to be transmitted via mobile or fixed internet. Having worked hard the last few years on developing hardware, embedded software and a server application we are also able to provide the necessary server technology so that the data measurements can be processed. Giant Leap has developed this for Smart Dutch.

Mobile Interface & Web Interface

Giant Leap is an expert in developing web based applications for making data accessible. These applications are characterized by an attractive look and feel, their user friendly nature and reliability.

Platform for prepaid connectivity

When you are an OEM or IoT mobile device provider and you want to make your customer responsible for data connectivity and the recurring charges than our platform helps you with that. You can easily invite them to top up several connectivity plans through our API with managed portals and turn cost around in revenue or choose to at least have no running costs. Please call us to check how we can turn your business around.

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