Giant Leap wants to create value together with you by developing, implementing and integrating M2M applications within your business. We see that huge potential can be gained for many companies in managing its machinery and equipment fleet. Examples include cost savings on maintenance, damage or loss; increasing service levels and improving customer experience; streamlining business processes; optimising the use of resources; remote data collection and reporting and creating new services. Organisations that will benefit most from the possibilities of M2M are, as with most automation projects, those that have a structured, creative, well considered and robust approach.

We research and implement the most appropriate applications which will create more added value and turnover for your business. Giant Leap is engaged in establishing a clear overview of the possibilities and turning these into a realistic business case, leading to the implementation of an M2M solution.

Based on our experiences, we have developed the Giant Leap M2M Maturity Model which allows us to discuss your requirements and the possible applications within your company.  As such, we are able to a lay a solid foundation for the realization of your vision and goals.

As well as providing advice and guidance in examining the potential of M2M applications within your organization, Giant Leap is experienced in building and implementing end-to-end solutions for M2M. Using our in-house developed 5 step plan, we support you in visibly distinguishing your company in the market.

For an appointment to discuss the possibilities of the Giant Leap Maturity model and our five-step plan, or if you would simply like more information about our model and approach then please contact one of our advisors on +31 20 888 4960.

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